DJ with Live Drummer

A High Energy Performance

The show FEELS like a Live Band,
but you get the ENDLESS Song
Selection of a DJ! We Play what

LED Drum Set

About Side Project's:

Side Project - DJ and Drummer, is a dynamic & high-energy act that merges the modern sound of a live DJ with the time-honored rhythm of the Drums.

Each Side Project performance is unique, because there is no set playlist! Instead they play to your crowd and give them the songs they want to hear! It's like having a band with an Endless Song list!!!

Not only is Side Project incredible to listen to, but also visually stimulating with their state of the art LED Drum Set, in which the lights dance to the music.

They have played hundreds of high-profile events, making them one of the most experienced DJ and Drummer duo available.

If you are looking for an original way to entertain your guests that will leave them talking, even after the party has ended, then Side Project is what you have been waiting for!!

We Love doing the original version of our show. Contact Us today for availability.

Band Bio's



"In 2000, Archer started make a name for himself in the entertainment industry by playing his Conga/Drums in nontraditional ways. He quickly got noticed and began playing on numerous circuits that covered musical genres from Folk, Hip Hop, Funk Rap, Rock , Dance, and Spoken Word Shows. Working with this diverse talent pool helped him cross-pollinate musical styles, and introduce different methods to each group he worked with.

"As an artist I am always looking for new ways to transform my sound, performance, and technique. Over the years I've picked up different styles and sounds from the various artists I have worked with, and applied them to the drums.

One example, when I first started getting booked for big gigs, I was at a Jam Band Festival playing with Dave Daniels. I decided to switch things up and play my congas with my arms behind my back and the crowd was loving it, but it was when I started to "scratch" my drums like a DJ that they went nuts! I originally got this idea from working with Hip Hop DJs, and it was when I saw the crowd's reaction that I knew I had found something special."

Archer still continues to work with artists in the studio, but his true passion can be seen in his LIVE PERFORMANCES. From the moment he walks on the stage, he creates an energy that stimulates the crowd and lasts throughout the night

To add to his stage presence, Archer wanted his drum set to be visually stimulating. So he worked closely with the Late Dennis Stauffer, to build the BRIGHTEST LED DRUM SET that Stauffer Percussion had ever built! Audiences become mesmerized as they watch his drum set glow and change colors right before their eyes.

The wide range of percussion used at his shows include:

Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Cymbals, and his CUSTOM LED DRUM SET!

Hilton Farris

Hilton Farris

Hilton Farris has been manipulating music for years. From DJ'ing with Side Project, DJ'ing solo at Clubs, to his Original Music being played on Radio Stations Across the Country!

His creativity in the studio is only matched by his skills and technique DJ'ing at live shows! With hundreds of Nightclubs and Corporate venues under his belt, this DJ is prepared for any challenge.

Hilton Farris has Opened & Performed with acts such as Avicii, Flo Rida, Train, Bad Boy Bill (Skam Artist), Journy, Cee Lo Green, Tony Arzadon (Skam Artist) and the Jump Smokers.

Come see his Turntable Skills Live & Check Out His Originals Now:


Now Or Never

It Only Takes A Minute featuring Brian Dawe from VH1's Master of the Mix

Into My Heart

Jonny Quest

DJ King

DVDJ King is one of the top Music Video Remixers in the country. He's always on top of the charts of Crooklyn Clan for his unique video remixes. DJ's from all around the world have shown DJ King love by purchasing his music videos for their shows. You might have already seen some of his videos and not even known it.

When DJ King performs with Side Project, it's turns the show into a whole new beast. Not only do people feel the energy of Archer going crazy on the drums, but they also get to see King's infamous edits. He'll take scenes and clips from movies, tv shows, YouTube and make the characters move to the music. Your audience is going to go nuts with some of our edits.

He's performed at some of the largest nightclubs in the country (such as Club La Vela & BET Soundstage) and you can also catch him at events in Shanghai, China.

Check Out some of his Videos: